Emc2Arduino, How it begins…

After looking at RepRap, MakerBot, grbl and others. I found that while they were very cool projects by really clever people, they didn’t seem to have the features I was looking for in my CNC build.

I wanted to be able to use a real, full featured, CNC control software interface like the one LinuxCNC provides.

Since its open-source its totally free, and since its been around for a while its a very mature piece of software. Its even openGL accelerated.

Why not use it. The heavy coding is already done.

Its free. There’s tons of user support as well as guides out there on how to setup pretty much any CNC combo one can think of.

Perfect, now where do I begin? I thought, well I have an Arduino (or two) laying around here. A couple of tutorials to learn from.  Lets put something together. Thus Emc2Arduino was born.


6 Responses to Emc2Arduino, How it begins…

  1. MRDibs says:

    Please. Do not confuse the age of software and maturity. Yes, EMC has been around for a long time. It was originally a research and “proof of concept” project before finding it’s way out of the lab and in to the real world. A lot of the original code for validation remains, as does a lot of bitrot cruft.

    Cut out the obsolete & cruft and you are left with a powerful application – Working out what to remove and what is worth keeping is not so easy thanks the the convoluted source tree.

    • dewy721 says:

      Point taken, should I amass enough skill at my disposal perhaps I’ll consider helping them chip the slag from what is conceptually a great program.

  2. jub says:

    there are two many files in downloaded zip from your git location…there is nothing on site clearly mentioned were and how to start,please let me know which files to load in the workspace……i am facing with lot many kinds of errors..mainly with digitalwritefast2 function even if changed two digitalwritefast as mentioned but then to face lot of errors,pls let me know which file much be loaded for compiling…i have inserted all the header files like digitalwritefast…etc as mentioned…
    pls help…

    • dewy721 says:

      Which Arduino are you using? The digitalWriteFast library does not yet include support for the Arduino Due or the Leonardo.
      For digitalWriteFast to work properly I believe you’ll need an Arduino (or clone) based on the Atmel ATmega328 or ATmega16U2.

      If you plan on using a 32-bit processor then you’ll just need to change all the digitalWriteFast entries to just plain old digitalWrite as the newer 32-bit controllers are MUCH faster and don’t actually need any speed boosting hacks.

      As far as which file to download?

      The latest version of either software is labeled with the highest number.

      If you want to try your hand at hand crafting the code for your own CNC machine using HAL2Arduino (with the encServo_mod example);

      1. You’ll need to read the encServo_mod.ino file for instructions on how to enable it.
      2. Write some code to put it to good use.
      3. Edit the custom.hal file to link to the new commands you’ve added.

  3. jub says:

    pls let us know how to use servo…

    • dewy721 says:

      Just so you know, servo is for quadrature encoded servos, not RC servos.

      But if this is what you have and want to use, which one will you need it for? EMC2Arduino or HAL2Arduino?

      If its EMC2Arduino you want, then the last version that supported servos was 0.2b. I have not carried support for servos into newer builds, for lack of request.

      If your interested in HAL2Arduino using servos then you will need to do some coding to get it up and running.

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