Emc2Arduino project has a new homepage.

Now that the Emc2Arduino project has a homepage there is now a place to put all the useful thoughts, ideas, info and suggestions on ways to make it even better.


8 Responses to Emc2Arduino project has a new homepage.

  1. John Buck says:

    I just came across this and if I am not mistaken this lets you operate EMC2 via the Arduino/USB.
    If so, would you mind publishing the pinout of the Arduino.
    My electronics skills are somewhat limited but I think I could do this with a little help.
    Thanks, John.

    • dewy721 says:

      You are correct, it does allow you to use EMC2 (aka, LinuxCNC) to interact with and arduino via USB.

      The pinout is totally configurable, it can be changed inside the sketch itself.

      Please note: The current version does work, but using it for movement is slow (120 rpm per stepper motor currently). The next release will be much lighter and faster.

      However, if you just need a basic control panel, pump/spindle controls etc. Its a fantastic option.

      • John Buck says:

        I know nothing about programing but I am sure that I can load your sketch onto a chip.
        A schematic of your project would be great.
        Also how do you get the step, direction, etc., signals from emc2 on your PC to the
        arduino via the PC’s usb. I thought emc2 sends signals only via the printer port.

      • dewy721 says:

        Programming: I too didn’t know much about it when I started this project, I’m a Diesel Mechanic by trade. But my outside-the-box view is what drove this innovation, I just looked at the challenge differently than programmers in the past have done. Why send 20,000 individual step & dir pulses over USB just to move ten inches. Instead, if our Arduino already knows how to move the steppers then we just need to tell it to move 10 inches in the proper direction and it will figure it all out on its own.

        Schematic: I don’t really have a default schematic, that’s because you can pick and choose which pins will do what. You’ll see this when you open the sketch file with the Arduino programming utility.

        Step/Dir via USB: Actually EMC2Arduino only needs to be feed coordinates from EMC2/Axis. The step/dir pulses are generated by the Arduino itself. The old parallel port is no longer required.

  2. John Buck says:

    You know, if you can make a stepper run faster than 140 rpm you probably can make some money with this. I am sure a lot of emc2 users are waiting to use it via usb.
    Meanwhile I try to understand your code and go from there.
    Since my retirement last year I have been tinkering with cnc but it’s hard. It took me about 7
    month just to use emc2 reasonably well.

    • dewy721 says:

      Well, as an open-source project the code will always be free of charge. But if were I ever to decide to make any money on it, hardware is one possibility.

      I could possibly make controllers, drivers, panels and displays to compliment the already fine products my Friends over at ShapeOko.com and UgraCNC.com already carry.

  3. Jim says:

    very perfect of your tries…I am a new hand about LinuxCNC and Arduino .I am really interested in your project. I am a master student who has a strong pursuit about this knowledge. Now iam studying the source code of LinuxCNC

    • dewy721 says:

      Excellent! Welcome aboard. If you find a faster way to relay the data between LinuxCNC and the Arduino please let me know. I’m not very good with python program optimization. <:)

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