Future thoughts

Playing with the compiler in the Arduino IDE, I realized that I could make setting up a new machine a LOT easier.

By making plugins/mods self loading on the Arduino side and on the PC host-side of things, perhaps with some luck I can make the background python script check and possibly auto-modify the custom.hal file on start up so that it will link/unlink halPins as requested by the one or more Arduinos in use.

So I made this post as a To Do List:

  1. Make mods self-loading via #ifdef
  2. Make HAL2Arduino.py  scan the custom.hal for used/unused pins and add/remove them. (Under its own section).
  3. Make a first-run virgin setup routine for the HAL2Arduino.py script. (Or just a simple install/uninstall script.)
  4. Speed tweaks. (Currently HAL2Arduino has an un-acceptibly high ~75ms latency.)

Like I said, this is a To Do List and right now I’m in college, so while this is planned; I’ll have to work on it when I can.

If anybody has feature requests, now would be a good time to suggest them.