Contributors: HAL2Arduino

Thanks to Alex for fixing an otherwise undiscovered typo in HAL2Arduino’s program.ino. 🙂


8 Responses to Contributors: HAL2Arduino

  1. Please may I know where the typo is.

    • dewy721 says:

      Just the very first line of program.ino. Within in the comments He changed my bad grammatical use of the word “your” to the proper contraction, “you’re”.

      I know some people might think that it’s silly to correct such a small issue. However, it actually bugs some people endlessly, my Wife is one of them. 😉

  2. Bert M says:

    Hi, I think there is an error in your program.
    The function switchesSetup() is never called.
    I found this when I used the Arduino Due.

    • dewy721 says:

      Not yet, I haven’t had the time to add it in to processCommand(). But its there for others to make good upon.

      • Sean says:

        Hi, I was experimenting with this and just added it to the setup() function like so:
        #if useLimitSwitches

        I also set in modLimSwitch:
        #define useLimitSwitches true

        #define XaxisEnableSwitches true

        #define xMinSwitch A1
        #define xMaxSwitch A1
        #define xHomeSwitch A1

        Everything runs, and compiles, I send the arduino 996 0 0 996; and see that it “green lights”, but when I ground A1 (or put 5v to it for that matter) I don’t see the fault codes get printed on the serial out (233|231|215). Am I missing something?


      • dewy721 says:

        That’s odd. You should get some feedback.

        Try this, Test out just one binding at a time on A5, if it works add one, if that works add the third.

        Let me know what you find out. Thanks!

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