HAL2Arduino 0.5 – Released.

Happy Holidays everyone! 😀

With that said, I would like to introduce you to a new version of HAL2Arduino version 0.5.

Our shiny new version has added support for:

  • Quadrature encoders for precise position control.
  • PID Servo control. For fine grain tuning.
  • Basic Jog Wheel support.
  • Internal and/or external feedback support. Allows servos/steppers to auto-correct positional errors.


  • Faster PC-Host side script.
  • Lock-step synchronization between microcontroller clients.

In the pipe-line:

  • I2C support for mcp23017 IO expander chips. To allow up to 112 additional pins, per client. Very useful for matrix keypads.
  • Analog joystick input. Some people prefer these to jog wheels, especially scrap-bot builders.
  • User definable M-Codes. This will allow users to add special commands right in to their G-Code that can signal the microcontroller(s) to perform specific tasks. (Like ‘Brew Coffee’, ‘tweet when complete’ etc.)

Enjoy the holidays.