Here it is, the initial release of HAL2Arduino.


  • Exposes HAL pins from LinuxCNC to the Arduino for you to play with.
  • Swarming, one or more Arduinos can gang up together to take on independent tasks, up to 10 units (expandable to 255).
  • Arduino to PC as well as Arduino to Arduino bidirectional communication. One Arduino may query the status of another or broadcast to all.
  • Error check-sum handling. Automatically retries last command.
  • Easily modifiable, modular design is friendly to those that would like to make there own branch of code.
  • Allows users to run LinuxCNC from a VM (Virtual Machine).
  • Open modder’s Library, make a better mod for it, and I’ll happily link to it or even host it for you!


Don’t expect much from it yet.

For Advanced Hackers Only!

I still need to write up the documentation for it. (But I’m accepting questions about it for those interested in it.)

Its just the framework and communications protocol to get LinuxCNC to talk to an Arduino.

BUT, as time goes on I’ll be building up a library of mods for it so you can pick and choose all the juicy bits you want for exactly your CNC application.

If you read all that and you still wanna try it out. You may snag a copy HAL2Arduino here. Mods may be found here.


6 Responses to HAL2Arduino

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  3. mr.T says:

    it is possible to send a anlaog value from the Arduino to LinuxCNC and handel it with Comp?

  4. Mahesh Patel says:

    I want to make cnc turning use with anroied
    Regards Mahesh Patel

  5. dewy721 says:

    Hello Mahesh, try looking at http://blog.machineKit.io, particularly ‘machineFace’ they have a video of it in action if you scroll down a little.

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