Frequently ask questions:

Q: Which one should I get?

Answer 1: EMC2Aruino is our older but fully functional DIY Arduino CNC project, it works well. However I have moved on to HAL2Arduino and I am no longer personally maintaining it, others may update it from time to time as need arises. The last version I (myself) released was version 0.7b, later versions are builds that others have contributed to, improved or made more efficient.

Answer 2: HAL2Arduino is what I’m working on now, its not done yet. That said, it is open to the public and has been made from scratch to be easily modifiable and easily upgradable. Others that make small mods to get their CNC rig up and running can save all that hard work and easily roll it into the next version of HAL2Arduino as it comes along. They can even freely share their mods back to the community from here so others may benefit from their coding skills as well.

For more information please consult the FAQ pages specific to project you are interested in:


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