Get Parts

Part of the challenge of building any CNC/Robot is knowing where to go to get quality parts at great prices.

Here are some of the best places to get hardware without breaking the bank.

CNC Stuff:

hackCNC has a great electronics kit based on the AT32u4 (Arduino Leonardo) called CNCPlotter. Great for the home DIY CNC fans out there. Its based on a modified version of EMC2Aduino it even comes with a 20×4 LCD screen. Sweet! is the perfect choice for getting your feet wet with a complete ready to build tabletop kits. Starting at 200 bucks! has great deals on high quality parts. Go here when your looking to take your CNC to the next level.


Adafruit, LadyAda is an inspiration to anybody brave enough to learn, and her tutorials as well as her prices are equally inspiring. Tech goodies galore. I really like her USB/Serial LCD. their the goto place for many cool components like encoders.

Makerbot has the nifty DC1 stepper to servo/encoder board to take stepper commands and make a servo (with encoder) move accordingly.

Got a site you’d like to see here? Let me know.

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